Choose a publication schedule for yourself that you can comfortably and consistently maintain (for example, one video per week) for a long time (for example, 1-2 years). If you’re chalking out a roadmap on how to get YouTube Gold Play Button, then focus on strategizing for audience engagement, consistent content production, and marketing for how to buy elrond your channel. You’ll have your low creativity days, streaks of busy times and holidays, and other events when you’re busy. While you should always give yourself a break, it doesn’t mean your YouTube channel should take a break too. Here, a great way to maintain consistency is to batch-create your content and schedule it for publishing.

A card of manufacture is also packaged along with the parcel. Not to mention, it doesn’t mean the buyer is actually the recipient of a YouTube play button award either. Earning the YouTube Diamond play button level is where things start to become a bit more elite.

  • The minimum eligibility requirement is essentially posting twice a year.
  • Not to mention, it doesn’t mean the buyer is actually the recipient of a YouTube play button award either.
  • The most important rule to follow is complete compliance with YouTube’s Community Guidelines.
  • Some people then sell their extra Creator Awards online, however, this is a violation of YouTube play button rules and regulations.
  • When reaching the milestone, the verified YouTubers will receive a flat trophy with a plastic or metal shaped like a YouTube play button symbol.

You don’t have to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to be eligible for an award. Each channel is carefully reviewed to make sure the criteria is met. There’s no monetary value attached to YouTube Play Buttons.

To start off, each Play Button requires you to meet the criteria for the following. The first three awards are fairly well-known in the YouTube community. However, the Red Diamond Play Button is a rarity that has only been given out to a few YouTubers like Mr. Beast and Pewdiepie. For turtle trading rules example, YouTube has the right to refuse to hand out a YouTube Creator Award is the channel contains some horror or political content. The Icon Awards were a type of award that have been discontinued. It came with two types, Silver and Gold, that were most likely made out of wood.

How to Earn A YouTube Silver Play Button

These buttons are known as “Diamond Play Button”, “Silver Play Button” and “Custom” Play Buttons. If you are wondering what the Red Diamond Play Button is, read on. The button itself is a unique reddish-black glass with a baccarat crystal at its center. Check out’s intuitive video editor to transform your snippets into professional-looking videos. Combine your clips with the tool’s in-built templates and adjust every detail in your video. Choose from an array of text effects and animations while syncing your audio track with different parts of the video.

If you sell or give the award to anyone outside the channel, you could be liable for disciplinary actions. This can include forfeiture of the award, ineligibility for future awards, and possible cancelation of your YouTube channel. As of 2023, there are four tiers of awards that a YouTube channel can earn, each tougher to reach than the one before. If you have completed Umarkets Forex Broker all of the above actions and everything works out for you, it’s time to create your own trend, which can become the locomotive of the channel. It’s not easy, but you need to try and at some point, you’ll succeed and become a spectacular YouTuber. If you’re located in Brazil or India, you’ll be asked for extra info such as a tax ID when redeeming your Creator Award.

As of today, the only channels to be eligible for this extremely prestigious award are PewDiePie, T-Series, Cocomelon, and SET India. With how rapidly the platform is still growing, YouTube may have to release an even higher tier of award in the near future. Although smaller than the other play buttons, the Silver Play Button’s prestige is still more than present, as evidenced in it being made of 92% nickel.

Tips on How to Earn Your First YouTube Play Button

But, before we jump into the details, let’s first understand what a YouTube Play Button is. The Silver Play Button is the first tier of the Creator Awards and one of the first award milestones for any serious YouTube creator. You can get a silver plaque once you reach the 100,000 mark and pass YouTube’s review of your channel. The box carrying the award will contain a congratulatory letter from YouTube CEO along with the plaque.

When Do You Get Your First YouTube Play Button?

Launched in 2016, The Custom Creator Award is a seriously difficult achievement to reach, and is by its very nature the most unique of all YouTube Creator Awards. An extremely exclusive award, the Custom Creator Award is completely customized to the recipients channel, and thus each one is entirely unique. If earning a Play Button is on your bucket list, make sure to understand the eligibility requirements and keep pushing forward with your content. The benefit levels are not the physical and announcement awards. Every creator award is accompanied by a printed letter, with the exception of Gold and Silver letters. All of them are signed by the CEO of YouTube, with the current one since 2023 being Neal Mohan.

YouTube Play Button: The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Rewards

If you’re unsure of anything at all, check your eligibility here. Sam runs her own YouTube channel and has experience using DaVinci Resolve, Canva, and other software for her creative needs. She earned her BA in English and MA in English with a creative writing concentration. Currently, she travels around the United States in a 13ft Scamp travel trailer and camps off-grid with her dog, a husky/dachshund mix.

Tips to Earn a YouTube Play Button

However, when you hit what YouTube considers “major” milestones, you can be eligible for actual, tangible plaques that denote these accolades. The official name is the “YouTube Creator Awards,” but you’ll often hear them referred to as YouTube Play Buttons almost everywhere online. Effectively, they are just a gift from YouTube that helps recognize creators and channels for growing their own brand. First appearing in 2015, there are currently just over 1,000 channels that meet the Diamond requirements. This reward is simply a play button forged out of a silver-plated metal inset with a large, colorless crystal. The sharp and rigid design is used to highlight its diamond theme and the reflective crystal in the center is the perfect touch.

Lickd favorites TwoSync and Growingannanas both have gold play buttons, with around 1.5million followers apiece. YouTube Creator Awards are our way of recognizing the extraordinary effort creators put into their growing channels and to build thriving communities, responsibly. To be eligible for a Creator Award, creators need to meet the eligibility criteria and must follow our policies. First introduced in 2012, YouTube Play Buttons are now one of the most coveted awards for a YT creator. If you’re looking to earn your first Play Button but don’t know how, we’ve covered all the bases in this extensive guide.

With every copyright strike, you get a ban from accessing some features of your creator account. A copyright strike primarily affects your ability to monetize on YouTube. But if you reach three copyright strikes, then the platform will terminate your account. Keep in mind that even if you meet all these requirements, YouTube still will need to review your channel and make a decision.

When reaching the milestone, the verified YouTubers will receive a flat trophy with a plastic or metal shaped like a YouTube play button symbol. A copyright strike can severely affect your shot at the creator awards. Not only does it restrict your account’s features, but it also hampers your chances of securing a plaque. So, before hitting the publish button for any of your videos, check for copyright infringement without fail.

Since they have already been tested, there is a good chance that they will work for you as well. They will be able to diversify your content and will act as additional traffic sources for your channel. Such content will serve as proven “fuel” for the channel. This way, you will have a better chance of reaching your goal. YouTube loves reliable partners who have had an impeccable reputation for years.

Based on how few diamond play buttons there are, it highlights just how difficult it really is. Many of the channels in this space have 3,500 videos, but there really is no rule of thumb. You’ll need to invest serious time and effort into your channel to get this far.

LICKD is the only expert service in the world through which you can add virtually any music to your YouTube videos and still be copyright compliant. Being active on YouTube is not only one of the minimum requirements of eligibility for any level of play button, but one of the central elements of YouTube success. The rarest and most elite YouTube play button is the Red Diamond Creator Award. To date, only a handful of Ruby play button winners have gone on to reach 100 million followers and been awarded a Red Diamond play button. After receiving the first Custom Creator award, PewDiePie informally renamed the award the YouTube Ruby play button. The Ruby play button or Custom play button is unique in that YouTube actually customizes the award for each winner, so no two awards look the same.

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