Hey, it’s time to talk about laws
And legal stuff that might give you pause
Can you quit a contract job early
And avoid things getting squirrely? (Check this out!)
How ‘bout crossing of cheques in banking law
Understanding the legal draw
And what about bond lease agreement (Click right here!)
On to CMI Legal Pty Ltd (You need to see this!)
If you want divorce documents fast
See how to get them online and outta the past (This is what you need!)
Are timesheets a legal requirement
Exploring the legal obligations, no retirements (Take a look here!)
And if you’re a legal secretary
Here’s a cover letter sample that’s legendary (Do not miss this!)
Subject-verb agreement, it’s a thing
For class 4, here’s a worksheet that’ll make you sing (Get it here!)
And what about states with open container laws
A state-by-state guide, to make you pause
(Check this out!)
Wanna file a family court petition online
Here’s a guide, it’s totally fine (Find out more here!)
So there you have it, all in rhyme
Legal matters and a good time