Cryptocurrency Matching Engine Crypto Trading Engine Software

The advanced bare metal system setup provides sub-100 microsecond, 99th percentile, wall-to-wall latency for order processing via high-performance FIX API. Spot matching allows participants to access firm pricing and obtain high certainty of execution. The process is key to the functioning of exchange matching engine the FX market whereby brokers need to rely heavily on matching […]

What is AML and KYC for Crypto?

Companies operating in the cryptocurrency industry are on the verge of an inflection moment as governments around the world begin outlining their regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies. To be prepared for this imminent shift, firms need to stay informed about the current state of AML compliance for crypto firms and anticipate its evolution in the […]

xcritical Review: Is xcritical A Good Broker For You?

Well to my mind, xcritical offers quite good conditions for trading. See how xcritical compares to the leading forex brokers by reading one of the reviews below. All brokers have an incentive to educate their clients to become better traders – and xcritical takes this job very seriously. Raw floating spreads are available to ECN […]